Register at and Win These Prizes!

Register at and Win These Prizes!

As you probably knew, we just started few months ago, we might be that new kids on the block, but we do have this huge passion towards fashion, art and meaningful life, ones we always share truthfully and thoughtfully, to you everyday.

We'd like to know you better, and continuously improve our contents and engagement, therefore we need your help to participate and share this excitement.

Win many exciting prizes at the end of the period, simply by:

1. Register yourself here

2. Follow our social media on instagram and (or) twitter @modestindonesia

3. Repost our poster on social media

The Prizes:

We will randomly pick 7 winners to get one of these prizes:

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (1 winner)
  • Dian Pelangi Co-Identity set (1 winner)
  • Mana Veils (for 3 winners)
  • Loreal Makeup Set (1 winner)
  • Clean & Clear Package (1 winner)

It's that easy!

Register now until November 15th! And this promotion valid for Indonesia only. 

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Ig : @nuruldwp Twitter @nuruldwipradika

V. Iswarani

Done. Repost on twitter (@stylewhimsical)

Rahmi Taslimah

Ig : rahmitaslimah Twitter : RTaslimah

Rahmi Taslimah

BISMILAHIROHMANIROHIM Semoga kali ini ga zonk lagi ga kalah terus

Nandira Widhi Syavira

Bismillahirahmanirahim Twitter :NandiraWidhiS Instagram : nandirawidhisyavira Bismillahirahmanirahim Bissmillah

Intan Larasati

Done dear ;) Twitter : ilarrasati Ig : matalaras

Intan Larasati

Done dear

Aris Wijayanti

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim,,, wish me luck. instagram : wiaris_sketcha twitter wijayantiaris

Bina Nurwati

done. instagram : binanurwatii

Ari Baharianti

Done, instagram: aisyahshim


What’s Stopping You? It’s Time to Have THAT Conversation

What’s Stopping You? It’s Time to Have THAT Conversation